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Prospect Compact-Pressure Switch SW27 type PDC


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Compact-Pressure Switches SW 27 series PDC are electromechanical signal converter, distinguished by high precision that are changing the pressure of fluids into electrical signals.
Switching point and hysteresis are being offered factory-set. Optional the setting of pressure and hysteresis are adjustable by the user.
Compact-Pressure Switches series PDC are designed for use in fluidtechnical- systems under normal environmental conditions. The PDC operates as a diaphragm pressure switch and is intended for use with different gradings up to max.16bar setting pressure range. The specific design of the PDC, laid-out as a changer, enables overhanging electrical performance characteristics. Based on this the PDC is applicable reliably for a voltage up to max. 250V with a switching current up to 4A but also for small currents and voltages of 5V with minimum 5mA.
The units are available with sockets DIN EN 175301-803.

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